The Virtual Music Room

What I Dream's virtual music room...

I put together all of the music and video on in five players below. Most of the music is at mid quality and will require a connection of at least 48.8K baud. Try connecting your computer to your stereo system and turning it up! The videos will require at least 100K baud. You'll need Windows Media Player - the latest version of which seems to be more forgiving of slow connections. You can download it for free from Microsoft at:

!Parent Advisory on some lyrics!

All the music in a compilation:

An eclectic mix, totaling many hours of various tracks

Music on the softer side only:

Soft, moody or romantic music from the site

Music for those about to rock:

Edgy or rock music from the site


No songs older than '01:

Nothing but new music

All the concert and music videos:

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