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Chinese influences...

Rice Paddies along the road in China

We flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong's KaiTac airport, which has since thankfully been replaced by a better airport farther north. The air approach for KaiTac was the wildest I have ever seen. You descend toward a large checkerboard pattern on a mountain and make a sharp right turn to a runway extending into the ocean just before you land. Hong Kong was still under British rule at the time, but it was clear that Chinese was the overwhelming influence everywhere.


Kowloon & Hong Kong viewed from Victoria Peak

After checking in to the Regal Meridian on Kowloon we took the famous Star Ferry downtown for some electronics shopping (first picture above) and then to Victoria Peak to catch the views (large picture above). On our second day, we took a tour of the floating village of Aberdeen (second and third pictures above) and went across to the beach at Repulse Bay (large picture below). We finished the day booking our trip to Macao and China (map - fourth picture above).

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Our third day was for the China tour. We took the JetFoil from Hong Kong to Macao, a small Portuguese colony whose claim to fame is gambling. All China tours at the time were tightly controlled for Americans so we were escorted across the border crossing at Gongbei (first picture below) then bussed and taken everywhere by a Chinese tour guide. We visited a private duck farm, the Memorial School of Dr. Sun Yat-sen (second and third pictures below), a traditional fishing village and the Zhuhai resort (fourth picture below). It seemed that we were on the bus driving over bumpy roads most of the day.

At the end of the day we returned to Macao and stopped in a casino for a few minutes while waiting for the JetFoil back to Hong Kong. Mary Lou won about $15 in a slot machine. We got back to Hong Kong late and packed for our trip the next day to Tokyo.

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