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"those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night" - EAP 1842

What I Dream

Celebrating incurable dreamers everywhere....

For everyone who holds on to their dreams in the face of relentless logic - Everyone who travels from home to experience new ideas and people - Everyone who turns off the TV to pick up a musical instrument or a paintbrush - Everyone who takes a foolish chance for all the right reasons - Everyone who successfully builds the pieces of their life without forgetting the glue that holds the pieces together - Everyone who greets every day with passion.

All really worthwhile human opportunities are fleeting. These pages attempt to articulate some opportunities taken that are more substantial than time passing by or the baubles of everyday life. My intention is a bit of personal nostalgia, to say thank you where it is warranted, as well as to share some unique (albeit biased) slices of experience in travel, music, photography, art, wine, business, and books. For a deeper dive into the "why", "how" and "what" of this site, please visit about this site.

But please don't misunderstand - this website is not about saying things ended up okay, because my life is not always "okay" nor has it yet "ended up" in any way. I look forward to its next twists, turns and opportunities.

My mantras - just four things....

1) Key to success: Acknowledge that life is, was, and will always be unfair and uncertain, but don't let that make you a victim or slow you down

2) Secret of happiness: Don't be a DODO - Disgusted, Outraged, Disappointed, or Offended. Instead, invest your limited time on earth to do everything that you dream

3) Magic of human relationships: Always leave 'em wanting more. Say less, stay less, and leave room to grow

4) Meaning of life: Music that makes you feel, art that makes you think, the people you care about, and the love you give

This website is my expression of all these things. Welcome.

This site includes hours of streaming music at near CD quality and about 90 minutes of concert streaming video. If you would like to hear all of the music or see all the video from this site in one place, press the button above to launch the virtual music room in a separate window. As an alternative, many pages have their own content-specific music and video which you can play as you navigate. Note: If you run anti "pop-up" software that prevents opening a separate window, click here to navigate directly to the virtual music room. You'll need Windows Media Player - the latest version of which seems to be more forgiving of slow connections. You can download it for free from Microsoft at:

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