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Living in LA requires a mixed sense of both humor and nihilism. Press play above for Bad Religion's music video of "Los Angeles Is Burning", from their 2004 The Empire Strikes First.

House & Family


...exist to support bigger things. The myriad opportunities of the limitless human experience rest on foundations that all come down to individual human connections, the strongest of which are house and family.

I have divided this section into slices of family and home related interests. My family includes a few pieces on my immediate and extended family, including an account contributed by my father on his experience as a young man in World War 2.

My immediate family lives in a quirky beach community of 35,000 people with a mixture of yuppie gentrification, small town feeling and big city savvy. For many years we had a small cabin in the woods as a getaway, which we replaced in 2016 with a place in Santa Barbara wine country that we dubbed the "winery". Pets have always been a big part of our family. Over the years, our many remodeling projects, motorcycles and cars have come and gone, marking milestones along the way.

Ben's High School graduation

Ben graduates from UCSB as a computer scientist

Craig graduates from UCLA as an electrical engineer

Press play below for "Long Way Home" from Kelsey Friday's 2004 Falling Forward (lyrics below), "Sunset Strip" from Courtney Love's 2004 America's Sweetheart and "I Love LA" from Randy Newman's 1983 Trouble in Paradise

Long Way Home

by Kelsey Friday


I can't wait until tomorrow

Everything is gonna change

I got a pocket full of memories

I think I'm ready to exchange


I'm so tired of wondering what I could have been

I don't wanna feel like that again


It's a long way home. It's the only thing I know

It's got everything I need. Just waiting there for me.

Yes, it's a long way home, and it's where I belong.

It's got everything I need. It just took a while for me to see


Lately it's been overwhelming

I'm sick of just getting by

And I could drown in my excuses

It's time to take back my life


Leave the light on. Leave the light on. Leave a light on for me

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