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My Family

Getting together as a family...

We have always found a way to stay in touch. We have vacationed together, visited at holidays and met in conjunction with my business travels around the country. I have included two additional sub-pages about my family: the first is my wedding to Mary Lou and the second is a detailed account of my father's experience in World War 2, which he contributed to this site.

The first picture below is a favorite recent picture of my parents, taken in Monet's Gardens in France. The next two are from a "get-together" vacation in Key West, Florida at Christmas 1999.


My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary with us and my sister's family in New York City in the spring of 1999 (first two pictures below). On our drive back to Pittsburgh, we stopped in Harrisburg to meet with my uncle and his wife (third picture below), whom I hadn't seen in 20 years.


In the summer of 1998, we had a "get-together" vacation with my parents in Hawaii. We took the first picture below at Kahuna Falls near Volcano National Park. The second and third pictures below show Ben and Craig with their grandma and grandpa at the beach in Waikoloa, our favorite spot in Hawaii.


In 1996 my cousin was married just outside of Washington DC and the whole family converged. The first picture below shows us in front of the Capitol and the second picture shows Mary Lou and I dancing (rare but true - I have the picture to prove it) at the wedding reception.


Going back a bit further, the first picture below is from a family get together in Pittsburgh in 1992, spanning four generations. In the second picture below, my father and I just completed our first scuba diving lesson during a 1991 "get together" in Hawaii to celebrate both my wedding anniversary and Ben's 5th birthday.


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