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Press play above for "Been So Long" from Blue by Nature's 1997 Live at the Lake double CD.

Press play above for "Jumpin Jack Flash" performed live in New York City in 1969 by the Rolling Stones. It's a gas, gas, gas


If music be the food of love - play on....

I have often framed the times, people and other aspects of my life in music. If I know you, I probably associate you in some ways with a type of music or at least one song. I play and listen to music for my inspiration and sanity. There are few greater thrills than when the hair on your arm rises up during a moving passage and you know you have felt musical passion. The music section of this site is large because music has always been a large part of my life. Please begin with either the play or listen paths.

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My latest compilation CDs

Every so often I put together a compilation CD and send it out to like-minded (or at least open-minded) friends. Press play below for the current incarnations at near-CD quality.



"passed reflections"






We have included music in our travels. In Sydney we toured the Opera House with a TV news team. In New York and London we see musical theater. In Key West and the Caribbean we find Jamaican music. The first picture below shows Ben, Craig and I outside London's Abbey Road Studios in 1998 making the famous Beatles walk from the album cover. The second picture below shows Ben on Bourbon Street in front of the Big Easy when we did the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 1997. The third picture below shows Ben, Craig and I "On Stage" at the Experience Music Project in Seattle in 2002.


This site includes hours of streaming music at mid quality and about 90 minutes of concert streaming video. If you would like to hear all of the music or see all the video from this site in one place, press the button above to launch the virtual music room in a separate window. As an alternative, many pages have their own content-specific music and video which you can play as you navigate. Note: If you run anti "pop-up" software that prevents opening a separate window, click here to navigate directly to the virtual music room. The music will require a connection of at least 48.8K baud and the video will require at least 100K baud. You'll need Windows Media Player - the latest version of which seems to be more forgiving of slow connections. You can download it for free from Microsoft at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp.

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