Austria & Czech Rep. 5/01
Belgium 12/01
Benelux 5/12
Berlin & London 12/98
Bologna, Parma & Milan 5/23
Central Europe by rail 8/10
Cologne & The Rhine 9/02
Düsseldorf & Kempen 3/12
French Riviera 5/23
Frankfurt 12/02
Greece 1/03
Greece 11/06
Ireland 3/01
Italy 4/00
Italy & Zurich 8/09
Florence & Tuscany 5/23
Netherlands 12/00
Paris 9/95 40th Birthday
Paris & Burgundy 2/12
Poland 10/13
Portugal 5/23
Scotland 8/02
Spain 8/03

Italy 4/00

Spring break family vacation in Italy....

Venice Rome - antiquities and the Vatican We visited Rome and Venice in five days over spring break in 2000. While the weather didn't choose to cooperate on our trip (cold and wet), we saw a great deal in a short period of time. This trip also marked my first use of a digital camera, so many of the pictures on these pages are less than perfect.

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Our Itinerary


Friday 4/7/00 - Saturday 4/8 

LAX to London to Rome 

Rome Hotel: Crowne Plaza Minerva Hotel, right across from Pantheon


Sunday 4/9 

Morning: Walk thru antiquities: Pantheon, Roman Forum, Coliseum. Afternoon: Piazza Navona with performers, gelato stand (Bar Tre Scalini), Evening: walk to Trevi Fountain, dinner.


Monday 4/10

Vatican museum, Sistine, St. Peters (long line for museum). Hard Rock Cafe near old roman wall


Tuesday 4/11

Morning: Train to Venice, Eurostar Italy 4 hrs, Afternoon: water bus to St Marks, Evening: dinner at Italian restaurant near St Marks, water taxi to Rialto Bridge, evening photos

Venice Hotel: San Marco Palace Hotel, just off St Marks Square


Wed 4/12

Morning: Gondola ride, St Marks Basilica. Afternoon: Doges Palace, Tower. Walk to Rialto bridge, gelatos


Thursday 4/13

Morning: Water bus to airport, Afternoon: London taxi to Victoria Station, dinner at pub. Evening: Starlight Express at Apollo Victoria, front row seats.

London Hotel: Heathrow Marriott


Friday 4/14

London Heathrow to LAX

Up Rome 4/00 Venice 4/00

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